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//Kabbo Hue Qua is an Indigenous Afrikan Storyteller who weaves ancient stories with indigenous sounds and poetry exploring soundscapes through movement for remembering and healing. About //Kabbo Hue: //Kabbo Hue Qua is a South Afrikan, Bristol-based artivist storyteller, ceremonial drummer, berimbau player and cultural cohesion consultant based in Bristol. //Kabbo Hue was earthed on the Cape Flats in Bonteheuwel, South Afrika. He is of Indigenous Goringhaíçona, Caribbean Barbadian, Cape Malay & Huguenot heritage. //Kabbo’s work explores the remembering of ancient stories and wisdom - tracing back the steps of lineage work and bringing that into the present day through words, stories and language. Through his cultural community events, //Kabbo explores the relevance of culture within the urban melting pot in Bristol. Passionately trusting that arts and culture can have a healing impact on individuals, communities and generations, //Kabbo runs workshops exploring the practice of storytelling, freeing your voice, sound healing and more. //Kabbo is also the founder of @the_altered_festival, a Bristol-based inclusive multicultural arts platform that embraces diverse perspectives and challenges cultural stereotypes.

Kike Luna comes from Mexico. For around 30 years he has been walking the Red Road, studying ceremonial ways from Native American and Indigenous Mexican Elders and traditional curanderos from South America, running Inipi ceremonies for around 15 years. Ana Pomar is a renowned medicine singer and artist from Portugal, practicing ceremonial ways since around 20 years, studying with elders from Brazil, Mexico, North America, sharing her own songs and of different lineages of prayer. Together they invite us into the Inipi, a thousands of years old Native American ritual. A sacred temple to heal, pray, reconnect to our true self, humbling ourselves with the power of the Elements.

Anjuna Ma Saraya *The Sanctuary of Light* Ibiza & Egypt. High Priestess, Spiritual Healer, & Mentor, Divine Channel, Yogini, & Artist. Founder of Cosmic University -Channeling the Elohim & Star consciousness/ Goddess Frequency of Creation/ the Feminine Christ Energy/ Priestess Trainings of Mary Isis. Marlia Coeur Music Soul Academy, Bali & Greece Marlia is a sound oracle, a vocal activator, and a facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice. As a voice coach, devotional singer and music academy coordinator, she helps people who are disconnected from their voice learn how to express their true voice with purpose and clarity through intentional breathing and vocal encouragement, so they can fully connect to their hearts.

Annie Spencer is a ceremonialist and workshop leader who has been running groups and trainings for nearly 40 years and with a background in humanistic psychology and earth-based spiritual traditions, she is skilled at moving between spiritual teachings and the disciplines of psychology. She was apprenticed in a North American tradition in the ‘80’s and has studied Mayan teachings from Guatemala for the past 15 years. Annie does not forget the traditions of her own land and hopes to enliven and strengthen them with the teachings she brings from other ancient ways.

Exploring eldership is Annie’s current journey as she believes that their wisdom is essential for a balanced society and yet they are seldom valued in our current culture. This is particularly true for women. As a ceremonialist, Annie opens pathways for others – illuminating their life’s journeys. Her primary interest is the renewal of ancient ceremonial forms for creating a path of beauty upon Grandmother Earth.

Anthar Kharana Navarro native from Ocaña in the north of Colombia is a music composer, sound healing practitioner and ceremonial leader, guardian of medicines from the Muisca traditions of his land and guide of the tabaquero way. Anthar is also a Sundancer and a member of the Pachamama Native American Church. He started at an early age, guided by wise elders from his land and during the last 20 years of travels, Anthar have visited 16 countries, particularly active in the UK, leading retreats, conferences, workshops, ceremonies and concerts. Anthar is the director and founder of the Ancestral School in Colombia (Escuela Ancestral Colombia) and both Tribal Sound Healing and the Tambora Foundation in the UK and Colombia. He is also co-director of the first school of sound healing in Scotland ANSU School of Sound and the Ancestral Pathways School in England.

A visionary choreographer/director, an Ancient Greek wisdom keeper, and an Embodied Practices mentor. She creates ceremonial performances in major archeological-sacred sites of Greece, with her Anamnesis methodology. Experiential and participatory with the audience, these performances are a call for the soul to remember who we are and where we come from, honoring the relationship between Humanity, Nature, and the Divine. She is also teaching workshops and retreats nationally and internationally.

Burgs is one of Europes leading experts in Meditation. He has been teaching and hosting retreats for over 20 years. He is the head of the non for profit organisation, The Art of meditation. and founder of the 'Give Back Generation Initiative' trained as a monk in Burgs by Pa Auk Sayadaw we was initiated into Dzogchen by his Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche. This year at Medicine he will be curating a musical meditative journey connection us to the sacred space of the Heart Essence, Saturday 11am on the Main Stage. He will also be hosting the collective festival wide meditation into silence at the Goddess Fyr on Friday at 10.30

Catarina (Portugal-Brasil) is a medical doctor, folk herbalist and birth keeper, and dedicates to accompanying women in all their cycles through the vision and tools of Traditional Mexican Midwifery and as a Doula. She has lived in Mexico for the past 12 years, where she created a strong relation with the medicine of sweatlodge, initially in the contexts of Sun Dance and the Mexican traditions but also through traditional midwifery, the Celtiberic cosmovision and deeper studies of this ancient tool, that has always been so central and sacred in every tradition and territory.

Chris Park lives on an organic farm in the Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire. His work is wide and varied, from arts and crafts, ancient technologies, experimental archaeology and educational projects to eco-building, storytelling, folk music, mental health projects, apitherapy, and raising the awareness of the heritage of beekeeping. He is a practicing Druid of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, being immersed and versed in the folklore and spiritual traditions rooted within these honeyed isles.

Christiana Aro-Harle is a northern wise woman, and shamanic healer (tietäjä, Xam). She threads together what she has gathered/lived/learned over many decades of shamanic healing, working with the humans and non-humans-Nature, and ceremonies. Christiana folds together her Finnish-Tuvan-north American medicine ways with passion to support and guide folk to find their path, heal, remember and re-connect with Mother Earth and all Beings. She mentors folk who are working in shamanic healing.

Fire, Water, Land, Song flow through her Tuvan shamanic initiation with ever-deepening flights with the Spirit of Song and Drum. Her staff with the spirits and song of seiđr are intrinsic to her work. Christiana holds Ceremonial rites-of-passage for folk: birth, death, name-givings, hand-fasting weddings, and youth to adulthood: for all genders. For twenty-odd years she has led Shamanic drum creating and birthing.

Currently she is involved in a long vine of ceremonial rites-of-passage for young women in Wales. Christiana is an avid gatherer of herbs and plants in the wilds for teas and salves, loves learning and working with permaculture and forest farming and has almost a fanaticism for edible mushrooms and berries which grow right outside her door. She holds degrees in Music Therapy, Conscious Breathwork, Beekeeping and Women’s Consciousness, and even a degree in Cider-Wine making.

Danica Boyce is a folklore and paganism educator from Western Canada, and host of Fair Folk podcast. Danica’s teaching aims to increase the accessibility of traditional culture and assist in healing internalised colonialism. Daniel Allison is a USA Today bestselling author, oral storyteller, podcaster and Muay Thai fighter whose work bridges myth, paganism and fantasy. He is the author of Scottish Myths & Legends Vol. I & II, Irish Mythology: The Children of Danu, Finn & The Fianna and the mythic fantasy series The Orkney Cycle. Daniel’s trains oral storytellers worldwide through his Myth Singers Online Celtic Storytelling Apprenticeship. He hosts the House of Legends Podcast and leads annual retreats in the Scottish Highlands.

Dorrie Joy is a celebrated artist, a prolific traditional craftswoman and an internationally renowned drum maker, holding the art of altars. Her work centres creativity as an intentional practice of soul mending & belonging. She is hosting the House of Deer again; a glorious, sacred space of songs, blessings & a full programme of craft workshops held in a circle of sweet & wild paintings, with a shop of original art, books, prints & shamanic tools & totems.

For the past 30 years I have been journeying The Magic, Alchemy, Crafts and Earth Wisdoms in the old ways of these lands. Weaving the threads of my experience with the philosophy, training and inspiring teachers, around the world. Reflected in my work ethos are neuroscience, kindness, gratitude and heart connectives. Honouring of these lands scared spaces. Working as a Somatic movement therapist, Celebrant, Mentor and EOL doula. I find myself in awe at times experiencing the immersion of humanity in natures soul, an incredible vulnerableness and strength that can welcoming the flow of passion grief in the dance of simplicity.

Gabriel is a Mexican anthropologist with a specialty in the anthropology of ritual and experience, and has been involved in working with the temazcal and inip traditions for over 15 years, as well as working with ceremonial medicines and sacred plants. Lisa is a German psychologist with a specialty in psychedelic-assisted therapy and has been a ceremonial temazcal facilitator for 10 years. Gabriel and Lisa have walked the path of love and medicine together for more than 10 years, and have shared their temazcales around the world emphasizing the growth of community processes and the ability to hold space in safe containers, hoping that in these spaces, the necessary alchemy is provided to work with trauma and spiritual release.

George Thompson is a filmmaker, tai chi teacher and communicator of Daoist philosophy: the Way of Nature. His films have been watched by millions and he is joined by over 200k subscribers on YouTube. George has studied extensively in the Wudang Mountains, China and is the disciple of Master Gu. George shares what he has learnt in a down to earth, fun and accessible way. Practical philosophy that can help you, and help us collectively, find a more balanced way of being.

GUILLERMO MARTINEZ is a native Tarascan, a tribe from the highlands of Michoacan, Mexico. He became a traditional dancer, which led him to create his own musical instruments. He was apprenticed to Klinquitinstrument makers in Alaska and later learnt to make ocean drums with his mentor Xavier Quijas Xyayotl. His flutes, drums and rattles, whether used by professional musicians or in ceremony, possess the spirit of his heart.For the past twelve years Guillermo has been handing down his knowledge through his workshops. Whether teaching a drum workshop to a large group, flute making to an individual, or introducing rattle making to classroom students, his teaching workshops have received international acclaim. The popularity of his workshops is due to his sensitivity to his students and his wealth of experience. Guillermo brings his ancestral wisdom and feeling of ceremony to every workshop.

Hilary Healy lives on about 17 acres of land in west Wicklow, about an hour from Dublin. She had lived there for over 40 years and her children and grandchildren live close by. She holds ceremonies there, and has a young forest of about 7 acres which brings her great joy. She has worked and trained with a few different traditions, always with the aim of remembering and honouring the traditions of her native land of Ireland. She had been recognised as a grandmother within two of these training traditions. Her work is about remembering ourselves as people of the land, of the forest, of seeing the webs of connection to both the land and to other people of heart, so that we can hold ourselves steady in these great times of change and challenge.

HIROKI OKANO is one of the most renowned composers of ambient music in Japan. His music transcends boundaries of electronic sound, traditional music, world music, and explores themes of global consciousness, cosmic awareness, and prayer through his performances and compositions. To date, he has released over 40 albums, including solo works as well as collaborations with groups such as Tenkoo Orchestra, Wind Traveling Band, BAMBOO CEDAR OAK, and more. He has collaborated with renowned musicians such as R. Carlos Nakai, Kitaro, and Haruomi Hosono (YMO), both in Japan and internationally.

Hiroki is also a Shinto/Buddhist ceremonialist and peace activist. He was instrumental in bringing the Hiroshima Peace Flame around the world including a presentation on the main stage at Glastonbury Festival. In the 1990s, he played a significant role in the early stages of outdoor music festivals in Japan such as Rainbow 2000 and Niji no Matsuri, and also contributed to the realization of concerts utilizing alternative energy generation.

Jai Dev Singh is a renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga. He is the visionary founder of Life- Force Academy (LFA), a global school for the yogic arts, with students in over 120 countries. His pioneering work encompasses multifaceted trainings on Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, and Yogic Astrology, forming the cornerstone of LFA's unique approach to dharma practice.

Juan Carlos is dedicated to the path of medicine and plant spirit channeling. Coming from an ancient Amazonian lineage on his fathers side and of Incan descent on his mothers side, he has a unique way of drawing together these rich cultural heritages through his work and service as Ayahuasquero, Tabaquero, Visionary Artist & Musician. He has been sharing his work around the world for the last 20 years, best known for his original art, powerful ikaros and the quality of the medicine he prepares.

. K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) is a multi dimensional musician. With a multitude of incredible musical projects such as Onipa and his solo band. Kweku has always felt a deep connection to the roots of his ancestors in Ghana and how they used Rhythm, movement and sound to heal and connect. Kusum is a use of sacred African movements, Rhythms and breath to help connect and align to the divine in nature and yourself. Bringing you into relationship with the spark in the centre of your being and allowing yourself to be truly present. Through a series of high energy activations, vibration reset, vocal sanctuary and sacred African sound healing. Kusum has had the honour of travelling all over the U.K, Geneva and Turkey.

Kauil Camacho is a medical professional from Mexico specialized in integrative and soul medicine. Initiated by the Lakota, he has 17 years of experience, which he has devoted to exploring the sacred tool of Inipi Sweatlodge, combining the Mexica, Toltec and Lakota traditions. Through exploration and combination of methods Kauil has managed to create a simple but profound methodology that enhances the transformative power of the sweat lodge.

Kristina is a guide for expansion and a space holder for sacred ritual. She offers courses and group work in London & Devon for women and the next generation to facilitate deeper connection to the rising intelligence of our planet. Kristina has been in service to Cacao for over a decade sharing ceremony in Europe and India.

Maracajá is a Brazilian Umbanda priest, multi-artist, healer, historian, ethnographer of African matrices in Brazil, with extensive experience in facilitating Umbanda rituals and internationally with his work Bandeira de Oxalá (Oxalás Flag). Deepening our study of the Seven Lines of Umbanda, Orixás and their spiritual allies, Maracajá and his team will make space for us to receive Axé (vital energy), ancestral divine power, from nature's primordial sources. Grounded in the ancestral wisdom of African-Brazilian spirituality, these ceremonies aim to awaken mediumship by harmonizing with the universal energies of nature.

We are a group of indigenous traditional dancers, we have been conducting Meshica Dance ceremonies for the last 10 years in the city of London, It is a whole ceremony on itself and it attracts people from different communities. We are often invited to perform our ceremonies in different cultural centres, seminars and festivals, representing our culture and sharing it with all the UK communties Meshika Dance (Aztec Dance), it’s an ancient dance/ceremony from central Mexico, it survived colonisation and keeps the communities strong wherever it’s practiced. This traditional Dance honours the four elements, water, fire, earth, wind also sacred animal in its steps, each dance has a name and each step in the dance has a meaning.

Michael carries the medicine of song as prayer, healing and expression of love and honour for all life. He brings a deep integrity, warmth and loving attention to his holding of sacred space. He has been working mostly in the lineage of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan for over 30 years and is an initiated leader of Sweat Lodge, Half Moon Fireplace and Vision Quest as well as being a Sacred Pipe carrier, Sun and Star Dancer and holder of the Drum and Song for ritual Prayer Dances.

For 40 years Nigel has created a profound and diverse collection of recordings, soul-filled music infused with a powerful yearning for wild nature. A multi-instrumentalist with flutes sitting at the heart of his work. He makes his own concert instruments and teaches traditional wooden flute-making from his Dartmoor farm. He has played with Bamboo Cedar Oak, a flute brotherhood embracing Japanese and Native American traditions, for 20 years.

Paje Kaku comes from a line of great shamans from the Kamanawa clan. As the guardian of this ancestral knowledge, he dedicates his life to helping people heal themselves. In the Noke Koî tradition, a person becomes a shaman when the spirit of a sacred snake appears and incorporates the person. It is these spirits that, through the shaman, come to recite prayers for our healing. Paje Kaku carries a powerful spirit and helps us to cleanse ourselves of certain negative energies that can block our path or cause certain illnesses.

Philip is a psychologist and psychosynthesis psychotherapist who has worked for the Synthesis Institute in their online training and retreat teams, and now contributes to the ACER Integration community. He was leader of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids for 32 years, and has authored a number of books on Druidry and magic, and has helped create the Druid Animal and Pant Oracles and the DruidCraft Tarot. His latest book, 'The Gift of the Night' on an integrative approach to insomnia, was published last November.

Healing, light and love are what truly set us free. Striving to strike a perfect balance between spiritual self and the physical world. As an ancient African traditional healer/Sharman this is always my goal. Closing the gap between pas realities, bloodline trauma and bringing oneness into those i heal. Through ceremonies, song dance, breath work and slight movement i am able to bring forward an individual's ancestral bloodline into the healing in order to have a complete circle of healing..

Pina Varinawa is one of the spiritual leaders of the Noke Koî people and the chief of the village of Varinawa. He was initiated at an early age and his grandparents Txoki Waninawa and Peo Varinawa, two great shamans, taught him the ancestral knowledge of his people, such as medicine and sacred chants. An artist and musician whose aim is to spread Noke Koî culture through art, Pina is a music composer. He has been travelling for several years in Brazil, Latin America and Europe, sharing the ancestral teachings of Noke Koî at retreats and festivals, bringing healing through medicine, song and prayer. He also welcomes visitors from different parts of the world to his village in the forest to immerse themselves in Noke Koî culture and spirituality. Pina is a master of medicinal plants and a teacher of ancestral chants. He is also a great connoisseur of the traditional stories of his people, which explain the deepest meanings of the sacred songs and convey symbolism that teaches those who listen to them much and guides them spiritually. Her speeches have inspired those who have listened to them. Pina is increasingly taking on the role of indigenous leader for environmental protection and climate justice. By taking part in national and international conferences, such as at the University of Stavanger in Norway and at UNESCO in Paris.

Keikilaniwahinealiiopuna (Puna) lives on Kauai, Hawaii. As record keeper of Hawaiian culture and history, she is an internationally honored elder of the Hawaiian islands. Her family-roots take her far back in time. Her direct ancestors are found in the royal family of the time of the Hawaiian kingdom, as well as in the lineages of the hula masters (kahula), the lua masters (kalua) and the seers (kahuna). Puna travels in the footprints of her ancestors (amongst other destinations) to Europe to strengthen the cultural bridges and to support world peace.

Rachel Corby is an author, personal rewilding coach, plant whisperer & sacred plant medicine mentor. Rachel has been working with plant spirits for 30 years, apprenticing with Mugwort for 18 of them. She is the author of 4 books, the most recent being Rewilding & The Art of Plant Whispering. She is an advocate for reviving interest in the indigenous plant medicine of her homeland, the UK where she runs workshops, apprenticeships & holds plant ceremonies. Rachel also teaches & mentors online.

Richard Rudd is an international teacher, writer and award-winning poet. His mystical journey began early in life when he experienced a life changing state of spiritual illumination over 3 days and nights in his twenties. This catalysed an extensive worldwide spiritual search. All his studies became synthesised in 2002 when he began to write and receive the Gene Keys – a vast synthesis exploring the miraculous possibilities inherent in human DNA. It took seven years to write the book as well as understand and embody its teachings. Today Richard continues to study and teach the profound lessons contained in the Gene Keys.

Rita Hraiz, a grandmother from Glastonbury UK, has been a respected medicine woman @ student and teacher of Ageless Wisdom, Solar Philosophy, Shamanism and Esoteric Psychology for the last 28 years. She has internationally held transformational Dharmakaya Retreats for the last 15 years carrying these ancient teachings to sacred lands. Her circles provide a clear sanctuary space, giving many an opportunity to really anchor into their own divinity.

Sarah is a Druid, holder of ritual and ceremony, artist and poet. She has been exploring and celebrating the wheel of the year for over 30 years, and carries a deep devotion and reverence for Mother Earth. She weaves her magic in the mundane through organic gardening and her love of plants, animals and the divine feminine. She has spent many years pilgrimaging to sacred sites, holding space around the fire and loves to share stories, songs and chants. Sarah creates warm and welcoming spaces, allowing people to feel at ease and encouraging their own inspiration to flow. She has a generous spirit and a great gift of offering blessings.She is based in the beautiful Scottish borders and has a passion for making more events happen up here.

Izaias S Mendoza was born and raised in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. Through a dream in his teenagerhood he was guided to look for “the lost path”, a spiritual practice. Izaias had to wait until he was ready and after years of search for his path and being strongly called to work as a Shaman, was invited to a ceremony to join the elder circles. He found out more about his grandfather story and how he was meant to become a healer. however having to meet the requirements: getting married.

Te Rangitu Netana is one of the few Traditional Maori Tattoo (Ta Moko) artists working in Europe. He moved to Bristol last year with his family. He is from Ngati Wai, Ngapuhi and Te Arawa tribal descent, and has had a 33 year career travelling and showcasing his work all over the world, as well as at home in the far north of Aotearoa.

The Desert Minyma Women are lorekeepers from Uluru, Australia. Aboriginal people have lived in the area around Uluru and Kata Tjuta for at least 30,000 years. Anangu Culture has always existed there. This makes them the longest surviving unbroken lineage and indigenous culture alive today. Their ways and their wisdom are ancient in comparison to any other communities alive today. These revered Elders come to share their profound stories, songs, art and healing at Medicine Festival.

THE ZEN SAMURAI Born in Fukuoka, Japan from a family of 16 generations of Samurai and Ninjas, Sensei Zen Takai grew up surrounded by swords. Learning from his father and deep self studies and exploration, The Zen Samurai Mastered the Arts of the Samurai and also the Ninja techniques. Influenced by the Zen meditation, Bushido and Shinto tradition, Sensei developed his method of mindfulness, “The Zen Samurai Way”, a Moving Meditation that includes 18 arts and philosophy.

Lightning Star's greatest honour in her life is as a mother & grandmother & spending time with soul family. She is also an impeccable medicine woman, a Celtic Elder & a founding member of the Temple of Éiriú. She holds the Aisling Eala Ceremonial Dance with a medicine sister at the Equinoxes, reweaving the old Irish stories of grief & loss into one of hope for the Peoples. She also offers an in depth Apprenticeship for those who are called to facilitate Sacred Sexuality Circles for Women.

Originally from Hong Kong, Wai Guen is a voice weaver who is passionate about weaving ancient Chinese wisdom of Daoism, power of breath and our voices to unravel the ancestral songs that are within each of us. She has a deep connection with the spirits of nature and is often guided by the wisdom of trees. She channels spirit songs that brings harmony, openness and timelessness into the space she holds.

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