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Advaya is a transformative learning platform for people seeking to awaken to a life of freedom, liberation and transformation. Founded on the principle of re-enchantment, and through an approach rooted in care, joy, and wellbeing, Advaya creates programmes that shift worldviews and uncover antidotes to the stagnant paradigms that exist today. Advaya’s integrated and holistic approach to education bridges science, spirituality, consciousness, ecology, culture and health. The faculty consists of today’s leading minds, including philosophers, economists, visionaries, health practitioners, scientists, indigenous leaders, spiritual teachers, artists and academics, each shining a light on new and ancient ways of being and seeing.

Heart of the Rose is a women's festival that honour's the way of the Heart, the wild mysteries of the Feminine and the Feminine path of embodied Awakening. Taking place on a beautiful sacred deer park in Kent, this year will be it's 4th year, and also the year that we are seeding 'Brotherhood of Rose' men's gathering as well. The Rose Temple at Medicine Festival will be a glimpse into these gathering's and this ancient Mystery School lineage of the Heart. Honouring and anchoring this frequency of the Rose as a symbol and reflection of the divine Mother, the divine Feminine and this path of unconditional Love that is so needed on this planet right now. The workshops and ceremonies will be for all...

The Peace Flame, lit from the embers of the fires of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was brought to Glastonbury Festival in 2008 and since then, the flame has been kept burning in Glastonbury. This year the flame will be brought to Medicine Festival and kept alight throughout the gathering in the Heart Seed Temple.

Mamma Wellbeing is entering its third year of hosting the Healing Village at Medicine and is proud to support with the beautiful prayer to Carry Peace. We provide a space designed to ground and integrate your experience through one-on-one sessions. You can pre-book private sessions ranging from bodywork and energy healing to shamanic rituals and tattoo ceremonies, or book directly on-site. The Mamma Wellbeing platform helps men and women find trusted, vetted practitioners across mind, body, and spirit practices—all in one place. Inspired by the founders' own healing journeys, it ensures holistic wellbeing is curated, accessible, and safe, whether booked online, in person, at workplaces, or at spas. www.mammawellbeing.com

Sequoia is an open community project focussed on movement based activities that shape a deeper sense of connection. Birthed from community founded gatherings, unity, inclusivity, trust and transparency are key elements that run throughout the workshops that are offered. Flow arts, contact improv and partner acrobatics are some of our main offerings, alongside some more experimental workshops and games. Play is at the foundation of everything we do. It allows us to return to that childlike quality that is always looking up to be reignited. Our team beyond anything else are caring and compassionate beings just like you, ready to share the skills they have and create the magical space we have named Sequoia.

WildWise exists to broker meaningful connection to the natural world for diverse groups of people. We do this in order to inspire in our customers a deeper love for nature and to provide them with the motivation to live more sustainably. Our diverse programme of courses and events are designed for adults, children and families. Our aim is to provide the inspiration for everyone to become connected to the wonder and enchantment of the natural world, helping to support ourselves and the earth to flourish. We bring together bushcraft, nature awareness and creative experiences with a spirit of play and enquiry, to facilitate a deeper connection to nature for the general public, schools and other organisations.

For over half a decade, Wonderment has ignited festival stages both in the UK and across the world with their boundless creativity and immersive experiences. Their passion for crafting moments of wonder and unparalleled joy has become a spectacle unto itself, a testament to their commitment to always pushing the boundaries of possibility. Through performance, theater and interactivity, they invite you to join them on a journey into the unknown, where reality and fantasy blur and joy is at the heart. Their aim.. to leave audiences spellbound and inspired. Wonderment’s 2023 festival highlights include; Wilderness, Secret Garden Party, Noisily, Rock Oyster, Wonderment and of course Medicine Festival.

Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep is a deeply restorative and nourishing meditative practice with no need for physical movement. It is effortless, and most commonly practised lying down. At Medicine Festival we invite you to rest in our gorgeous temple, your space for integration. On the hour, every hour, each day, we are offering yoga nidra sessions and everybody is welcome. Bring a blanket and all you need to get cosy. Yoga Nidra Network shares the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra as widely as possible, through online and in person events and trainings, retreats and books. We respect the South Asian roots of the practice and honour its connection to other indigenous healing practices.

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