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Abby Poem’s debut album 'Change Will Come,’ is a collection of poetic songs inspired by the colours and spirit of India, its culture of prayer and connection to source. Together with this, the intangible and inexplicable power of plant medicines, pathed a way for her to find her voice. Her music carries the essence of deep transformation, and brings forward a sense of hope, when one transcends fear of change.

Ahash and Amore Momo, both deeply rooted in heart-centered work, have united to amplify their heart frequency and radiate love, transmitting this profound energy to their participants. Momo, with a strong bond to music and cacao medicine, and Ahash, a Sufi initiate deeply experienced in breathwork and meditation, met in Portugal to collaborate. Their synergy and combined experience have allowed them to create spaces that facilitate healing, self-discovery, and foster emotional heart connection.

Almaz Ohene is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary writer. She writes and speaks on representation, diversity and sexuality for a range of outlets including BBC Radio 4, British Vogue, Hunger, Refinery29, Stylist and Vice among others. Almaz is the founder ‘Kayleigh Daniels Dated’, a web platform combining raunchy stories with informative health features to encourage and normalise free and frank discussion about sexuality. She is also part of the Reproductive Justice Initiative

Amaia has run Wild Apothecary for 17 years and has been involved in organic growing, herbalism and nature connection for 27 years. Her main herbal medicine practice centres on empowerment through health and land & elemental connection. Amaia has worked with herbalists all over the world and trained in medicine practices from India where her family live, she has also worked in many community gardens and projects and mentors and teaches students internationally.

Amenti MoveMeant is a community-based organization and a decolonial psyche-somatic MoveMeant medicine. The foundation of our Method and our way of working as a team lie in the pillars of the original hip-hop culture: peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Having Fun, and Self Knowledge. Gil' The Grid' Gomes Leal, our organization's founder and the Method we use, was a professional hip-hop dancer for years before developing our teachings. The Amenti MoveMeant Method is a way of becoming more self-aware through the use of the body. We see our human experience as a holistic system - consisting of the body, the mind, and the soul (or spirit). The Method comprises dance, (Jungian)psychology, somatic exercises, and shamanism.

Amy is a poet, activist, workshop facilitator and bodyworker dedicated to the liberatory arts. She uses body and words to work towards inner and outer liberation and a softer, more powerfully equitable world for us to all thrive in. Ellie is a narrative facilitator working in the world of complexity thinking and participatory health research. She brings a combination of anthropology, massage and yoga into her work, combining hearts and heads with personal and collective sense-making.

Anaïs is a high priestess of the Magdalene and the rose, founder of a school of initiation into the Magdalene mysteries and a priesthood of the rose called Path of the Magdalene. Initiated by Mary Magdalene in Avalon herself, she now initiates people into the path and practices of the rose as shared by the Magdalenes, a lineage of ancient wisdom keepers. She shares the teachings of the rose as a body of resurrection practices aimed to reawaken people through amplifying the fire of the spirit, reconnecting them to the fabric of life and the body of the earth and liberating their source frequency. The frequency of the rose is used as an activating principle, freeing people's unique soul medicine.

Anastasia (they/them) is a sex magick priestex and pussy energy healer, teaching womxn the hedonistic pathway to living. Their spiritually erotic methods guide you to embody and embrace your kinkiest, rawest and wildest truth, so you can feel sexy YOUR way, unapologetic in your fullest expression of self, irresistible to your desires. They’ve worked with musicians to entrepreneurs; TURNING ON their hottest and most confident selves, so they’re playing in fulfilment, joy, radiance, seduction… wet to create the pussyedge of culture.

Seeking yogini, inspired yoga teacher trainer, blessed mom, grateful soulmate, happy handstander, curious creative, wild wanderluster, love lover – in awe of life and passionate about supporting others in optimizing theirs. Anna inspires courage, empowering people to shine. Her loving, playful style instills confidence in students of all levels as she illuminates their strengths, gently guiding them toward their higher potential by offering tools to elevate happiness – on and off the mat.

Anne Musisi is a Wellbeing Facilitator, Acting Coach and Performance Artist. Her work is focused on using creative tools to help people anchor into what makes them unique and embrace who they truly makes them who they are. Having grown up in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Eastern and Southern Africa, she's developed a unique lens and uses her diverse experiences to empower and encourage people from all walks of life.

Annette is an embodiment & empowerment guide, an entrepreneur & wisdom keeper. Her experience as a doula, facilitator & storyteller equips her to hold space for radical transformation & expression. She is the founder of Wild Nettle and is completing her studies to become a professor of Modern Matriarchy, with a focus on returning rites of passage to our modern society. Annette's purest intent is to reconnect people with their bodies, the natural world, and one another.

Aradia Julia Sunseri is the founder of Ritual Movement Arts™ Aradia is a sought-after international embodiment teacher and guide devoted to teachings of Sacred Dance, Ayurveda, and Women’s Vitality Practices. Since 2008 Aradia has facilitated the R.M.A. method in yoga studios, festivals, ceremonial event spaces, and transformational retreats. Aradia also facilitates sacred dance online courses and yearly mentorship programs. All teachings non-dualistic earth wisdom honoring the divine feminine

Ariana is an intuitive body worker and tantra massage practitioner with 14 years of dedicated experience. She is a trauma-informed body massage therapist who believes that the body holds many negative memories. Ariana's work focuses on releasing these stored emotions through skilled, compassionate touch. Her approach is holistic, integrating physical, emotional, and energetic healing to support her clients' overall well-being. Ariana's deep understanding of the body's innate wisdom allows her to facilitate profound transformations, helping individuals reclaim their sense of peace and vitality. Her commitment to her craft and her clients' healing journeys is evident in every session she conducts.

Pat Elle is an award-winning international burlesque and strip sensation, renowned globally for shaking up traditional forms of burlesque and creating her own unique brand. Her captivating performances have taken her shimmying across stages from Stockholm to South Africa, earning her a dedicated global following. A self-taught artist with a passion for highlighting diversity and encouraging the evolution of burlesque, Pat Elle brings a fresh and inclusive perspective to the art form. Her innovative approach and magnetic stage presence make her a trailblazer in the industry, inspiring a new generation of performers to push boundaries and embrace their individuality.

Avi has an honours degree in physical theatre and drama, naturally pulled towards connection and alternative relating, she started her journey into BDSM and kink in 2012, working as a Dominatrix in London before switching to focusing onto the finer details of Rope, Shibari became a big part of her life in 2013 onwards. Since Avi's style is not traditional, she prefers to say that she just does rope and enjoys showing how versatile an artform it can be as rigger, model or workshop facilitator.

Ayot Shaffert is a body psychotherapist and the founder of The Soul of Men Training in London, now in its seventh year. The training offers a two-year program in masculine embodiment and tantric development for men, to help connect men to their authentic masculine power in all aspects of their lives.

Barry is a young man, an enthusiastic for supporting and guiding young men to their inspiration, their empowerment and reminding them of their own unique spark, strenghts, and healthy place. Barry has been working with and involved in working with men of all ages the past few years. In this, sees a need for weaving a way to create space for our boys to explore and adventure themselves and life. With all of the complexities and challenges during this transitional time of becoming a young man that will present. Its essential they have a space to meet themselves and their wild ends with healthy masculine models. This is a pivotal time for us to honor, celebrate and engage in. One of the biggest markings of life and especially man's life.

We are a small selection of teachers from the Batuque Capoeira Holland group. Our master, Mestre Vladimir Frama, founded our group in 1995 when he arrived in The Netherlands from Brazil. As students we have studied and practiced the art of Capoeira for over 20 years and during those years we have fallen in love with the wide range of cultural expressions practised by the Afro-Brazilian diaspora. Maculele and Samba de Roda are the most commonly known alongside of Capoeira.

Ben Gross MSc, Dip Sup, MBACP(Accred), PGCE, MBSR, BSc(Hons) has run the Family Space at Medicine Festival since inception. He is the Director of Wider Horizons Transformational Gatherings in Nature for Young Adults and has been organising retreats in nature for 30 years. He is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, specializing in work with children and families and runs ecotherapy workshops employing sacred singing. He is a university lecturer, teacher and playworker.

Ben is a Human Potential Coach and Breathwork Practitioner, who helps people create better relationships and live a more fulfilling and purposeful existence. Having been on his own journey from a man unconsciously drawn to toxic behaviours, to an awakened & open soul, his work is deeply authentic & relatable. His compassionate heart creates a uniquely safe space for introspection, allowing for deep healing to arise.

Bianca Kempe is a devoted Rose Priestess & founder of the Mystery School of the Rose, a school for women who remember their role as priestesses, conscious creators & leaders of the New Earth. Through the technology of 'Temple of Isis Rituals', she weaves the ancient wisdom of Egyptian rituals with contemporary practices to foster experiences of deep remembrance. She is a dedicated student of nature’s wisdom, channelling her teachings & stewarding ‘Mū Earth,’ a sanctuary in the sacred mountains of Costa Rica, a living mystery school for study, ceremony, longevity & spiritual transformation. Bianca is devoted to the path of the heart, inviting a reconnection to intuition, empowered leadership, & the collective rebirth of the Divine Feminine.

The Enchanted Glade team have been offering nature based therapeutic craft sessions at medicine since the beginning and are delighted to bring children into the present moment through the use of the senses, and mindfulness practices. Nature is at the very heart of all that we do at the glade and connection with it returns us back to our true, wild selves.

Celine loves to draw, empower children and tell stories. When she was introduced to the nature of mind by Ziji Rinpoche in 2007, she was awestruck at the power of mind, open like the sky, always clear and wise no matter the stormy feelings. Curious to know about her mind since she was a child, she was inspired to illustrate the teachings in children’s books introducing strong mind to children, and founded http://shortmomentsforkids.com Combining her passions in Fine Arts (BA), Performing Arts (MA), Dzogchen (Student of Ziji Rinpoche since 2007), and Early Years (Childminder), Celine now teaches Dzogchen for Kids, holds storytelling sessions in schools and festivals and supports parents to rely on the power of their strong loving mind.

Chris is an Alchemist, Jester, Comedian, Wisdom Sharer and Workshop Facilitator – inspiring people with his deeply connected approach of healing through joy alchemy. He is also the Founder of Wonderment, who have brought the jester and joy energy through moments of surprise and delight, to Medicine festival since its inception. With his band of delightful performers, artists, musicians, DJ’s and mischief & magic makers, he proudly weaves joyous merriment through the wonderful Wasing Land. He has always been a champion of diversity and inclusion, holding space at Medicine’s Queer Circles, The Gay Assembly, Queer Chakra Trail and of course all the happenings on the Wonderment Stage, (Evenings at Advaya) which he has curated for 4 years.

Chris is a certified embodiment coach, qualified teacher, and experienced workshop facilitator. He’s delivered workshops and talks internationally on consent, touch, developmental psychology, and intimacy. His ‘multi-discipline’ approach involves the voice, movement, touch, and relational dynamics. Designed and delivered with care and theoretical grounding, participants are invited along a learning pathway that has them meeting their edges, while learning, and growing together in good ways.

Ciara Sherlock is a retreat facilitator, bodyworker, Shamanic counsellor and birth doula and has been weaving these elements of work together in a myriad of ways since 2015. Based in Ireland, one of her main areas of practice is bodywork, using BioDynamic Rebalancing to guide people on a journey through their emotional, physical and spiritual realms. She is passionate about the importance of unconditional intimacy for our wellbeing and loves to create spaces for groups to explore this topic.

AFRO BRAZILIAN WORKSHOP SHOW Claudio Kron do Brazil, the virtuoso master Brazilian percussionist, is back at Medicine by popular demand. With his showmanship and enthusiasm he will lead you on a step by step journey into Brazilian culture.. Drumming, dance and chants with capoeira music are integral parts of this session. Instruments will be provided, but please bring your own if you have one. Dress code; white or colourful if possible as we will be playing Ijexá, samba reggae rhythms from Bahia’s Orixás and Carnival culture. Together we will become a massive carnival band.

For the past decade, I have immersed myself in the rich traditions of India, deeply studying yogic philosophy and sacred geometry. This journey has led to the development of a unique blend of spiritual practices that integrate the inner energy systems, such as chakras, with the geometric structure of the aura. By combining these elements, I offer a distinctive perspective on yoga, mandalas, and mantras, aimed at strengthening and harmonizing the energy field. My work provides a fresh take on ancient practices, enhancing both spiritual and energetic well-being.

Mags and Dan are dedicated to supporting people in finding healthy and happy ways to relate – starting with themselves by creating a conscious and loving partnership. They host monthly social Connection Jam in Brighton, and are trained in Authentic Relating by ART International. They are experienced in counselling, tantra, IFS and Wheel of Consent. “Dan and Mags are exceptional facilitators, using their unique experience to lead a wonderful, inclusive space for authentic connections.”

Amores is a musician and generator of encounters. Experienced in modified states of consciousness, regressive therapy, shamanism, Psycho-ritual, Psycho-magic and Tantra yoga. Dia is a wildly loving Cacao sorceress, nature lover and Tao tantrica. Weaver of ceremonies, delight & explorations. Together they bring you BLIND an experience that will give rest to your oversaturated eyes, helping you expand your other senses and empower yourself from within.

David Millar is the founder of Mantra Menswork, providing support for men seeking personal healing, growth, and transformation. As a former professional athlete, now turned transformational coach, David guides men through coaching, courses, retreats and immersive programmes, empowering them to find purpose and clarity. He is a catalyst for men's empowerment, leading them on a transformative journey towards feeling better, living better, and embodying their best selves across all facets of life

Diallo et Lazelle are a loved-up Devon-based joyful couple who play a fusion of West African and European music. They will be taking you on a journey exploring a myriad of sounds weaving their voices with the hypnotic grooves of the Kora, hang drum, crystal bowls, djembé drum and guitar. With the intention to amplify the LOVE vibrations they will start their set with a guided visualisation to open up your hearts to receive original songs in French, African and English along with poetry and light language transmissions sprinkled through out ???? ???? ????

Dr Sue Egan is a Counselling Psychologist, trained Steiner Teacher, Shamanic practitioner and single mum of 4 teenagers/young adults. Sue has spent 10 years working alongside psychologists in the NHS and in her own online private therapy practice, specialising in supporting people with complex mental health issues. She has been featured on BBC 5Live and in the Daily Mail advocating for parents who struggling supporting chidren with mental health issues.

Dr. Aris LaTham, has been acclaimed by the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food & Drink in America as the father of ethical gourmet raw food cuisine. He has traversed across continents bringing his “Sunfired RA Food Cuisine”, which is rooted in his African - Caribbean Culinary Griot’s lineage, to gut experiences, enlightening minds and palates of “Hungry Health Seekers”. He has not partaken of any “cooked” foods for 48 years, a vegan for 54 years, and has not drank “water/H2O” for 45 years. He was honored in 2005 as a keynote presenter to the 36th World Vegetarian Congress in Brazil, the European Vegetarian Congress in Italy, presented at the World VegFest in Dubai, UAE 2014 and Chennai / Mumbai India in 2023.

I am a creative artist and performer, who has loved all things creative since I can remember! I have experience leading an after-school Gymnastics club for 2 years when I was in secondary school. I've also managed art-based workshops such as felting and mosaic at family activity camps. I have always loved running workshops and clubs from a young age and enjoy teaching people of all age’s new skills. I aim to nurture creativity through an array of mediums with children and young people.

Once again Sarah Pletts, Tony Pletts, Sophy Banks and Bilal Nasim collaborate at Medicine, supported by a wider team of space holders. Experienced facilitators, they regularly hold grief tending events in London and Devon. They bring a wealth of embodied practices to work with grief - both personal and collective. Their approach brings many threads together, and is informed by the work of Sobonfu Somé, Malidoma Somé, Francis Weller, Joanna Macy, Martin Prechtel and Maeve Gavin.

Emergence Brotherhood creates transformational trainings for men to come into lasting contact with the deepest truth of who they are. We hold a permission space well beyond societal expectations, conditioning and external demands, where you can embrace, embody and express your soul rather than fit into a prison of restrictive masculine stereotypes or roles. We are sovereign beings uniting in love, freedom, and purpose as Kings of the Earth in service of Life with a capital L.

I am Yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and curator of wellbeing retreats. I am devoted to the path of creating sacred, safe, loving and nurturing spaces where people can come, unravel, and be free to show up without apology, exactly as they are. I believe in being authentic and sharing the imperfect, perfect truth of who I am and life, so we can learn to truly accept and embrace the whole of who we all are.

Erika's life’s work is a testament to her unwavering commitment to healing, transformation, and the celebration of life’s sacred mysteries. As an animist, yogini, trauma certified coach, somatic therapist and seasoned tantra practitioner, Erika's unique approach integrates earth-based spirituality, ceremony, yoga, breath work and erotic embodiment via expressive movement and dance. Specialising in healing deep-rooted wounds, Erika facilitates powerful healing journeys drawing on three decades of experience of weaving threads of wisdom drawn from many diverse traditions, lineages and cultures. She has served thousands to step more fully into their authentic selves, embrace their unique gifts, and live with greater purpose, pleasure and joy.

Eva Henje is a professor and child-and adolescent psychiatrist, trauma therapist, yoga teacher and psychedelic researcher Her focus is on creating effective treatment for depression in young people such as the program Trainign for Awareness Resilience and Action - TARA. Rex Brangwyn is an osteopath, trauma therapist and community organizer. Together they will talk about talk about trauma, dissociation and depression and the potential of psychedelic medicines for healing.

Farah Orths is a profound Channel, Ceremonialist and Spiritual Guide who devotionally brings the unconditional love of the divine into the human realm and the felt sense of self. She is of dual heritage, being Pakistani and German. Her words and teachings invite radical acceptance, compassion and deep heart healing. She holds a Philosophy BA Degree from King’s College London, is a trained sacred drum circle facilitator, an akashic record reader, trained energy healer, 200 hour yoga teacher, and a HayHouse author.

Yoga Flow Ritual is an embodied somatic movement practice; which will guide a meditative journey within your body, heart, breath and spirit. Interwoven within the tantric teachings, life becomes a gateway to experience states of bliss, relaxation and rejuvenation. I aim to make sure you leave the class feeling the beauty of who you are, how well made you are; and the general remarkable experience that it is to be human. This practice aims to create space to feel, to rest into, to purify and awaken.

My name is Finola Ann McGreevy. I am an Irish Artist. Art Therapist. Family Constellations Ancestral Healing Facilitator. Reiki Master. Breathwork & Cacao facilitator & Celtic Oracle card Medium. My Creative practice is infused in all of my works. I am deeply passionate about Art being recognised as a Sacred Medicine. Art is about Process, not result; born of our innate human need to express & create. With art-making we can tap deeply into our subconscious, process our emotions; Heal Mind, Body & Spirit in a Holistic and Playful way. Art Therapy is Psychotherapy infused with creative practice. Join me in weaving Creative Connection to ourselves, our children, loved ones and communities. Come Play and Empower your Wise Inner Child.

First Men is a UK based, community of men rewilding and remembering through nature connection. We provide transformative rite of passage experiences, connection circles and personal growth programmes and mentoring for men, young and old. Our work explores themes of freedom, sovereignty and ancestry, supporting one another to grow as a multi-generational community of men.

Foxy Afra Shazam is a theatre maker, facilitator and poet from Australia. Foxy facilitates embodied and holistic children’s theatre work, focusing on self-expression and the autonomous voice of the child through the forms of process, presence and play. Using storytelling, puppetry, nature connection and games to facilitate all the joys, exploration, silliness and reflections that theatre can offer. Foxy facilitates drama play sessions in therapeutic settings and youth theatres, as well as leading workshops within schools and festivals. Foxy is an eternally curious practitioner, seeking to play within the mystery through their evolving artistic expression and community.

Francis has been guiding countless individuals & groups since training with Gabrielle Roth to teach the 5Rhythms movement practice in 2004. He initiated into the Mankind Project in the same year and has worked periodically with them. He's led various men’s groups & is deeply passionate about using movement to heal the personal & ancestral shame that men hold. In June 2023 he underwent a Bwiti initiation in Gabon which deepened his capacity to work effectively in the realms of the shadow.

Gayle Berry is a global nurture expert on parent and babies wellbeing and the founder of Blossom & Berry, the world leading parent and baby wellness teacher training organisation. She has over 20 years experience teaching 1000s of parents about why love and connection matters for babies and she has trained a community of over 2000 globally to hold space for families touching the hearts of millions of parents and babies.

Learning Hypnotherapy alongside Maggie Howell 2008; Doula training with Michel Odent; Maternity Nursing & ‘Closing The Bones’, Georgie believes preparation supports parents in better birth outcomes. Sarah has been working as a birth keeper since 2005, starting off as an antenatal educator and doula, and gradually adding more elements to the range of services she offers women. She co-founded Birth Baby Balance in 2008 and she and her team now provide amazing wrap-around care to women locally.

Hannah picked up the craft of willow weaving three years ago, learning from a brilliant mentor with Willow Wise. Hannah has been a part of willow sculptures, workshops, festivals and delivering her own workshops at Medicine the last two years.

Harley specialises in womb healing, guided by the Divine energy of the Rose and is also a Kundalini & Energetic Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records consultant and spirit-led Healer with a grounded background in Psychology. The modalities she offers are heart based, rooted in Shamanic studies, intuitive (yet structured by extensive training) and potent. Much of her present therapeutic practice is focused on plant spirit medicine, helping people to prepare and integrate peak experiences.

Creative Earth Connections aims to hold space for children to connect with nature and their imaginations through play and creativity. I am a qualified Forest School practitioner providing child-led learning and sensory play at Derby Forest Nursery. I facilitate a range of creative activities that support children’s emotional and physical development, help improve their self-esteem, and help to build resilience.

HOW TO MOTIVATE TEENAGERS Liberating talks for parents of teens. Henry is an expert in the engagement and motivation of young adults through authentic relationship-building, trust and accountability, supporting teens to step up and their parents to step back, for real success, in and out of school. Drawing from over 20 years experience he empowers young adults to ‘self-direct’ their own learning – to lead on it themselves and to do it with joy, motivation and purpose. 

Hope is a coach, facilitator, and nature-based mental health practitioner, who likes to spend time playing with the question ‘how to be human?’. Hope offers opportunities for people to embrace their unique human being-ness and creatively engage with their experience of living in and amongst the ‘family of things’. With a gently playful heart-led focus, Hope seeks to cultivate nourishing ways to welcome experiences of genuine supportive connection into our lives, in a variety of forms and flavours

Hugo is a Psychologist and Therapist by trade, a Tantra facilitator by choice and a curious human by inclination. He is the architect of Tantric Communication and founder of Coming Together: The Conscious Tantra School. Hugo combines years of therapeutic and tantric training to deliver playful, fun and meaningful workshops, filled with simple tools and practical strategies to facilitate lasting change and support people to come together.

Human Work is in service to the remembrance of real human connection. Through connection, confrontation and community we invite you to step into a more whole, embodied and empowered version of yourself. Our training will support you to alchemise your pain and shadows in a safe, supportive and inclusive container. We train using relational, emotional and physical practices that connect you deeper to yourself, others and spirit.

Meet Irene, the alchemist behind Da Lua Herbals' plant-based remedies. Based in Portugal, she leads a seaside regenerative project, tending to a medicinal & food garden. Through creative workshops, retreats, women’s circles, and other transformative events worldwide, she ignites inspiration. Infused with folk herbalism, ancient wisdom, and regenerative principles, Irene's poetic worldview captivates and reconnects us to our roots.

Jack Morrigan, founder of My Rising Rose Sanctuary of Divine Healing, underwent profound spiritual experiences that reshaped his life from a state of debilitating anxiety and depression to one of profound fulfillment and joy. Formerly an atheist psychologist, Jack's transformative journey led him to discover the healing power of spiritual realms and become a channel for Goddesses and Dragons. Published in the British Medical Journal, he speaks internationally, offering insights into spiritual healing. His YouTube interviews have inspired hundreds of thousands, guiding them towards their own paths of healing and self-discovery.

Jade is an Out of Body Experience (OBE) teacher that advocates non-ordinary states of consciousness for personal and collective change. Following a life-changing OBE, she left behind a successful career in the arts to study the phenomena as part of an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. She consulted for the NO1 Netflix series Behind Her Eyes and produced Insight Out, a film featured on Amazon Prime and Gaia TV. Her unique mindfulness-based approach to OBEs for well-being has attracted the attention of the press and prompted invites to lead events in Europe, South America and the US. Jade studied at the Monroe Institute, lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple, undertaken a pilgrimage around India, and attended Shamanic retreats.

Jagadamba is a Brazilian yoga teacher, contemporary artist, doula and Waldorf middle school teacher. She has taught yoga in London for the past 30 years. Her interests lie in somatic movements and the biomechanics of movement when we are busy having fun. She will be offering yoga for the whole family at the medicine festival and traditional childhood games sessions at the family space.

Jamie Catto is an author ('Insanely Gifted'), film-maker ('1 Giant Leap'/'Becoming Nobody') & musician running transformational workshops & events to reclaim all the treasure we edited away into the shadows and facilitate everyone daring to be more real, more fallible, more tender, more intimate. His mission is to create a world full of ‘walking permission slips’ where we all lighten up and enjoy the unpredictable human path together with humour, playfulness and a healthy dose of irreverence.

Jay Mitra (they/he) is a British Indian non-binary punk poet and creative non-fiction writer based in London. Their poetry has been published in Acumen Poetry, Drawn To The Light Press, Ink Sweat and Tears, and Broken Sleep Books’ Queer Icons anthology. They were the Bronze prize winner in the Creative Non-Fiction category of the Creative Future Writers’ Awards 2023. Jay has been featured on BBC Radio 6 and Radio 3’s The Verb and has also performed in a variety of festivals including BBC’s Contains Strong Language, Manchester Pride, and Manchester Punk Festival. Currently, he is pursuing a career in teaching and working as a freelance writer and facilitator. You can find out more about them on Instagram and Twitter @punkofcolour.

Joanna Webber weaves together Ayurveda and Yoga to support the journey to better health. She discovered Ayurveda 20 years ago and how it offers a 'users manual' to make the most of this body, in this life time. She runs an Ayurveda practice in Somerset as well as foraging and wildcrafting workshops to help reconnect with the natural world. She co-founded The Ayurveda Academy to bring this ancient wisdom system to a wider audience. She's also worked as a primary school teacher and ran the Herbal Education team at Pukka Herbs for 5 years. She is passionate about 'education being the most powerful weapon to change the world' (Nelson Mandella) and people discovering the power of plants, food as medicine and healthy lifestyle for themselves.

Johnny Tidd, head instructor of survival school , Johnny has obsessively been studying for 14 years, he has made it his mission / vision / purpose to live as closely with the earth as possible for all the indigenous people who have been wiped out.Johnny tidd delivers a series of courses from the basics up to advanced levels in many different primitive subjects, including, bows, arrows , spears , hunting, fire, shelter , archery , stalking , wild food, nature connection for kids and adults.

A community of over 200 trained men and adults, supporting young men during their transition from childhood to healthy adulthood. We support adults to recognise and witness our boys who are on the verge of stepping into adulthood; a moment where they can be seen to be seen, and invited to the journey of leaving childhood attitudes behind and stepping up to be the healthy man they choose to become, with all the responsibility, courage and honour that this requires. This is his rite of passage.

Kat Shakti is an EFT practitioner and self-love & yoga coach who helps women create a positive relationship with their bodies and supports them in overcoming negative beliefs. She uses EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Visualization, Gentle Yoga/Movement, and Menstrual Cycle Awareness through her workshops and private sessions. She aims to empower women with the understanding that they can accept themselves as they are while nurturing positive change from a foundation of self-love.

Kay Michael is a theatre-maker and the Co-Founder and Director of Letters to the Earth, an international award-winning participatory and story-telling campaign, inspiring and facilitating people across the world to connect with nature, speak up for a planet in crisis and make change. Amelia Parisian is the Director of Programmes at Craigberoch Business Decelerator and Founder of Questpass. Whether in wild places or board rooms, Amelia has spent the past 15 years working with individuals, organisations and communities to create change. Together, Kay and Amelia are creating experiences for humans to co-exist in balance with nature and the Earth’s ecosystems, through creative expression and connection.

Influenced by childhood adventures, Kevin pursued a BSc in Outdoor Education and explored meditation, martial arts, and yoga. He interned and worked with the renowned Twin Eagles Wilderness School and Purpose Mountain (vision questing) in the States, followed by a year-long apprenticeship at a subsistence farmstead in the Pacific Northwest. Since returning to the U.K., Kevin has collaborated with various nature connection organisations to apply his expertise. He's a Forest School Leader, trained Survival Instructor, meditation and yoga teacher, and a breath-work and holistic sauna practitioner. Kevin continues to develop his skills and passions, always striving to go on new adventures and learning from accomplished nature-based mentors.

As two qualified therapeutic practitioners; an art therapist, Kamala, and a psychotherapist, Raveen, we are passionate about empowering individuals to grow, to heal, and to evolve. At the heart of what we do is create a community of like minded people, to fulfil that innate need for a sense of belonging, and to harvest connection. We aim to encourage individuals to cultivate meaningful relationships with themselves and others. We believe in a holistic approach to healing and growing. so our workshops involve not only the psychoeducation individuals need to expand and become self-aware, but also meditative and artistic practices that are therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul.

Contemporary folk and comedy-pop singer songwriter Kitty Stewart has graced Glastonbury Festival stages, Camp Bestival, Green Gathering and many more with her trusty ukulele and her interactive performances. Alongside being an independent artist she is a community musician and ukulele teacher, working in schools, hospitals and early years settings across Somerset and Dorset. Kitty is a firm believer in the power of music, its ability to promote wellbeing, healing, connection and unity.

Kristina Soriano, a classically trained pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher, loves to sing medicine songs while playing ukulele. Since 2015, she's participated in the Dances of Universal Peace, leading sessions in Colombia, Italy, Portugal, and California. She was raised in Texas and moved to San Francisco in 2005 to complete her Master's in Healthcare Administration. Currently, she's the Executive Assistant at the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics.

Nuakai Aru, known in the martial arts world as Kru LionHeart, is a multi-disciplinarian whose expertise spans wellbeing coaching, filmmaking, acting, martial arts, writing, and education. An award-winning documentarian, he has travelled to over 40 countries, exploring ancient civilizations and shedding light on politics, culture, and social issues. As a dedicated martial artist and well-being coach, Nuakai combines physical training with mental and spiritual growth, helping individuals achieve balance, self-mastery, and fulfilment. As a writer and educator, he shares insights on cultural heritage, consciousness, and empowerment, inspiring lifelong learning and personal growth.

Earthwoman , Folk singer , Drum beater , community song leader ,natural mystic ,Grandmother , native British sign language user .

Lauren Lee is an E-RYT 500, Anusara Certified teacher and devoted student on the path of yoga. She is fueled by a life of travel and exploration, of both the world around her and the inner landscapes of the body, mind and heart. Lauren’s intelligently sequenced classes are inspired by Anusara, a Hatha-Vinyasa lineage rooted in Kashmir Shaivism. Each session aims to nourish and integrate the physical and subtle bodies through breath and alignment based movement. She seamlessly weaves Universal themes to invite a deeper connection to the teachings, empowering students to embody yoga off the mat and remain rooted in the presence and power of the heart.

I started drinking at the age of 12, escaping the dysregulation in my home. I stopped my journey with alcohol when I was 31, I see myself as a recovered alcoholic. You can recover from the grip alcohol has when it takes hold. I went ontk become a successful foster carer and continue to provide support to families.

Leo Oppenheim: With a diverse skill set encompassing yoga, creative movement, sound therapy, breathwork, and invigorating cold water immersions, Leo crafts a unique fusion of disciplines designed to facilitate profound mental, physical, and emotional shifts. Leo's personal journey revolves around holistic growth and the expansion of consciousness, positioning him as a dedicated guide for those seeking to commence a transformative journey.

Lewis is the founder of the Circus and Slackline School - At the Circus School we teach Slacklining and a wide range of Circus props and skills. Lewis has over 15 years experience with Juggling, Flow arts and Slacklining and is very passionate about sharing the joy and benefits of these activities.

Join us, Festival Mná at Cerridwen Cauldron for an enchanting celebration of our rich Irish traditions and the divine feminine connection of Festival Mná. Immerse yourself in the sacred rhythms of the land as we channel the powerful energy of Cerridwen, the Underworld Goddess and keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, inspiration, and rebirth. Sip on some beautiful intentions with Mugwort/ Hawthorn Tea & find your flow in our open circle . Explore the depths of your breath with a guided breathwork. Feel the ancient beat with a Shamanic drumming journey that connects us to our ancestral roots. Close up our circle with a traditional céilí dance to integrate our Mnásome-ness. Festival Mná is your space to connect, heal, and celebrate women.

My name is Lou I have an art background and also trained in theatre makeup . I love to paint and create whether it be canvases or faces. Painting is a meditation a time to enter into a world of expression I love playing with colour and different mediums. My other passion is creative face/body art I love to connect with people of all ages transforming faces into something magical and bringing joy .

At the heart of every Louby Lou show is a celebration of fun, laughter, and connection. With her infectious enthusiasm and playful spirit, Louby Lou invites children and families to join her on a Magical journey where anything is possible. Louby Lou's performances are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and bring smiles to faces young and old. It starts with a base of good old-fashioned clown skills, laced with a generous dose of dance tunes and top it all off with passion and a saxo.

Lucy Finchett-Maddock is a legal thinker, artist and activist. She is known for her curation of art and law, legal artistic research, critical legal and contemporary philosophical writings on law. She is a Reader in Law at Bangor University, broadly researching and teaching on the themes of resistance, aesthetics, property, artificial divisions of art and law, and entropy; and uses a combination of fine arts-based, art history and legal doctrinal approaches, in her teaching. Lucy is one of the founders of the Art/Law Network and LORE (Legal Origins Rights Education & Art), with curating law in non-law spaces as a form of access to justice, being her passion.

Lucy loves to share her fascination of native tribal face painting and Body Art. Come and explore the joy of being face painted by Lucy at the stall we encourage parent and child to explore through play & paint each others face and bodies too ! You will find a collection of natural body paints brushes & tribal images to inspire and learn more about the symbols and patterns the tribal families use to communicate, expressing their Ancient art, unique heritage and culture.

Lya (@the.visionary.institute) is a Tantra Therapist & Plant Medicine Mentor. She founded The Visionary Institute, where she focuses on intimacy healing through plant-medicine-assisted processes. Eleonora (@eleonora.porcaro) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Massage therapist, and Ayurvedic Chef. She is devoted to sharing how to bring balance and healing through the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. Lya and Eleonora deeply believe in the power of food & plants as a way to connect intimately with life.

I am a Multidimensional - Multidisciplinary Creative Artist, Healer & Holistic Well-Being Practitioner. I specialise in all things mind body soul connection, flow, movement and play, chakra liberation, clearing and cleansing, somatic release, mindfulness and everything allowing authentic untamed expression. With over a decade worth of experience facilitating, performing and guiding. I bring my expertise and expressions for the people to resonate and vibrate with. Here to help our global mission of healing and guiding new generations forward consciously.

World class showman. Speaker. Host. Workshop Leader. Breathworker. Sound Magician. Marv Radio is the Vocal AlKemist. This 3x UK Champion Beatboxer and voice magician combines live vocal looping, storytelling, coaching, breathwork and sound journeys to inspire and elevate audiences of all kinds and provide holistic wellbeing services for retreats, in person and online sessions.

Megan is a Clinical Psychologist working with adults with complex trauma in the NHS and privately. She is also a yoga teacher trainer, a founding director of the Bristol Yoga Roots Project and a nature-based facilitator, hosting transformational elemental retreats. Megan is particularly interested in how we can dismantle the kyriarchy and remember ourselves as nature to support the healing and growth of all. The space she holds is strong and steady but with a cheeky dose of mystery and mischief mixed in.

Mel, the heart and soul behind Bali Breathwork will guide you through a powerful journey of breath to express your unique essence, tap into your own reservoirs of magic, freedom that illuminate your path and rejuvenates your soul.

Men Rising Together is a Men’s Work movement dedicated to empowering men, supporting their mental health, and guiding them on a journey to rediscover their purpose. Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where men can come together, share their experiences, and support one another in their personal growth. Through workshops, mentoring, and community events, we aim to inspire men to rise above challenges, embrace their authentic selves, and live a fulfilled life. Return To Purpose

Michael is a devoted father, musician, anthropologist, mental health coach, and photographer. His journey is marked by profound challenges—overcoming childhood abuse and a life-threatening crisis —which shaped his compassionate approach to men's healing. Michael’s work as a men’s circle facilitator is deeply personal, focusing on vulnerability and authentic connection. His experiences fuel his dedication to helping men navigate their struggles and transform pain into empowerment.

Trix is a multimedia artist, storyteller, performer and conservationist with a passion for connecting people with nature through creative play. She draws inspiration from the Cornish landscape and folklore. At Retallack, her beloved home of 30 years, she has planted thousands of trees and nurtured the local flora and fauna creating a beautiful land of healing and magic. Through art, theatre and ritual, Trix enjoys finding ways to connect with the spirit of the land through a myriad of art forms.

Mowgli Myers is a man who has travelled many paths but on each path has had a passion for helping others. His path changed when he began to focus on healing himself. With a background in movement and dance Mowgli has worked around the world. Beginning his spiritual practice with the SGI Buddhists, he then studied yoga, Breath work, Herbalism, Family constilation work and different forms of energy healing. He is currently focusing on bringing the old ways back and introducing holistic practices to the corporate world and helping big businesses really look after the staffs wellbeing.

Tara is a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist (UKCP), working with children, adolescents, and parents since 2010, in settings including schools, charities, a bereavement service, a residential unit for adolescents, and private practice. Tara offers a warm, compassionate, non-judgemental and playful space, using both words and more creative and body-based ways of exploring the inner world.

Naoki is a medicine maestro, Men's work facilitator, Medicine wheel teacher, Cacao Ceremony holder, and life coach. Naoki left the military to pursue his passion as a curandero and medicine man. He combines a mixture of Mestizo Shamanism, Norwegian Seidr & Galdr, and Western philosophy into all his practices. Pulling the very best out of people, helping individuals on their healing journey & supporting couples through their trials and tribulations building a stronger connection.

With over 15 years’ of coaching and therapy experience I create safe, compassionate spaces to do the deep work, in deeper ways. Giving people the tools, insights and capabilities to affect permanent, positive change in their lives. A 7 times-published author, and speaker on leadership and trauma, I spend my time working 1-2-1 and leading monthly, online group experiences helping shift the inner narrative, unburdening the weight of old traumas and helping people remember who they truly are.

Charlotte was born in France from artists and Nature lovers. She begun studying accordion at 10 years old along with voice training. She then begun to travel around the world learning new instruments and languages. She loves playing guitare, ukulele, charango, chinese/egyptian/celtic/african harps, flutes, handpan, piano, didgeridoo, and singing prayers from worldwide tribes. Another of her passion is teaching children music and singing for WORLD PEACE. Music is the easiest and fastest path to God

Nicole Bosky is the founder of Primal Gathering & Primal Leadership. A regenerative culture design studio that supports communities and organisations to embed regenerative leadership principles (resilience, inclusion and autonomy) while getting their hands dirty and regenerating land through team buildings, culture change projects, and annual Primal Gatherings. In the last 10 years, she has organised 200+ events on four continents, focused on creating and fostering cultures of belonging as a force for implementing meaningful and actionable change for the benefit of society for clients such as The United Nations, Royal Society of Arts, and Unilever. Nicole's passions lie in re-inventing the future of community, redesigning the fut

Nikki is a transformative coach and facilitator supporting brave souls on their journey of inner regeneration. Having worked for over a decade in environmental sustainability and burning out through the process, Nikki shifted her focus to the inner work of unlearning the rigid, mechanistic, linear ways of being that we've inherited through colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. She holds space for others on their journey towards liberated self-expression, through 1-1 coaching, group work, and conscious dance, using other Nature as a guide.

Noam is first and foremost a woman who lives through the exploration of femininity and relationships. Mentoring through the teachings of Tantra, Theta Healing, and the Wise Woman method, she is committed to empowering women. Noam facilitates and creates journeys in the fields of spirituality, intimacy, and sexuality with an open heart and curiosity. She leads women's circles and is a devoted listener to the feminine body. Noam is an experienced festival and retreat producer. Full of passion for life and the deepening of the heart, Noam welcomes different experiences and emotions within her spaces.

Join Melissa & Holly from Numinity for an unforgettable laughter yoga session at Medicine. Prepare for a hilarious practice that will lift your spirits and have you grinning from ear to ear. Based in London, Numinity organises Plant Medicine Retreats, Ceremonies, and Community meet-ups across London, Brighton, and Barcelona. Their mission is to create transformative experiences that foster personal growth and positive change, both individually and collectively.

Parvati is originally from Finland, she travelled the world on her spiritual journey that started at an early age. Today she's a Master of Energy & has been leading groups and retreats for over two decades world wide. In her workshops she intuitively transforms energies in the room with depth and clarity in order for healing to take place. She has always been fascinated about finding inner happiness and the practice of YogaShaking is one of the absolutely best ways of activating one's inner joy enjoy and life force energy.

Pip Rix has 20 years experience working with children and their families. A Fine Art graduate and qualified Early Years Teacher, Pip specialises in creating inspiring play based learning environments.

Medicine Festival Theme: This is AfroFuturism 5D: The God Frequency BIOG: Prof Khonsu. Author of Sacred Man: From Boyhood to Manhood to Divine Masculine. Has lived and studied the schools of Islam, Christianity & Judaism, also Buddhist and Hindu meditation, Kemetic spirituality, Usui Reiki, Tao sciences, Landmark education self-development, NLP, Psychotherapeutic counselling, Trauma attachment, Holistic Health under the Queen Afua Wellness University, NY, and trained under master teachers Supreme Grand Master Neter Aaferti Atum Re, Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen and Mal Weeraratne. He is a certified advanced Tantric educator, who also lectures on Metaphysics.

Rachel Calleja is a creative therapist, community artist, and choreographer who founded Growing Human. She shares work that connects to the human soul through art, movement, and community. Her mission includes inclusive arts, mindful movement and creating space to meet ourselves in honest processes that embrace the duality, beauty, and messiness of being human. Alexandra Cachia is passionate about fostering deeper connections through nature and community events. Founder of Thrive Malta, Thrive Farm, and Thrive Community Garden, she facilitates the Work that Reconnects, teaches Permaculture, and produces holistic events and festivals, with over 10 years of experience.

I am a qualified integrative psychotherapist and breathwork coach. My work is dedicated to helping people heal and grow. I deliver a holistic approach to healing, and integrate Eastern philosophy with Western therapeutic practices. Through using the breath as a tool, I help people to connect with themselves, release trauma, and align with their highest self. My offering of breathwork focuses on cultivating inner harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

Regenerative Nomads, is an artist-led initiative fostering regenerative practices for social change. We are searching for alternative ways of living and working where to create and preserve healthier and more biodiverse environments, bringing awareness to the interdependence between human and non-human actors. Regenerative Nomads is a project in gestation, driven by needing to drop individualism and wanting to foster connections which invite for nurturing cocreation.

Retta Bowen is a storyteller, psychotherapist, breath worker and facilitator, amongst other things, and trained in clown. She is especially interested in how we awaken the innate, unconditioned parts of ourselves and remember who we truly are. Her intention as a storyteller? to keep reminding herself and others that we are divine beings - necessary and worthy parts of a beautiful whole.

Reza is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion on sovereignty . She is a full spectrum doula and practices what is called Threshold Medicine which is grounded in having the tools necessary in times of transformation , through somatic practices, ritual , circle and social justice work. She is also the founder of the platform OMENOFTHEW which has a focus on education and art development through the practice of Threshold Medicine or the Cyclical Nature, how art transforms us and how education liberates us through community and creativity practices.

Riss Obolensky is a clown, drag king and cabaret host. Their award-winning show 'Healing King Herod' reached critical acclaim at its Underbelly run in Edinburgh, following preview at Soho Theatre. It had sell out runs at VAULT Festival, Wardrobe Theatre and Loco Klub. 'Unmissable' ★★★★ (The Skinny) 'Magnetic' (TheReviewsHub) ★★★★★ 'Brilliantly weird' ★★★★★ (Fringe Biscuit). Their work has been endorsed by Comedy Central, Arts Council England and Phoebe Waller Bridge. They use humour and play to disarm, de-escalate and demystify. From assisting clowning retreats in the wilderness to working on clowning activism projects internationally, they believe in the power of clowning in wider community healing.

The London School of Tantra is on a mission to demystify Tantra and share the tools with you in a way that is so easy to use and accessible it has you thinking “why isn’t everyone doing this!!” At Medicine the workshops will be held by co-founder Rosa and guest facilitator Jess founder of Divinely Untamed. With their combined background in psychology and deep training in somatic and tantric approaches to sexuality, Rosa & Jess blend scientific knowledge with spiritual insights and a juicy squeeze of Eros. They expertly combine Tantra, playfulness and pleasure so you can dive deep into your experience of sexuality and intimacy with a fuck tonne of fun and ultimately leave every workshop with a feeling of liberation.

Sacred Sons is a global organization that provides full spectrum trainings for men. Connecting men to their purpose, heart and the leadership with in.

Samantha Davies With a diverse skill set encompassing spiritual philosophies, the Divine Feminine, womb wisdom, embodied energetic expression and fertility, Sammi facilitates a unique fusion of healing rituals and ceremonies designed to facilitate profound physical healing through Spiritual expansion of the Feminine. Sammi’s personal journey is anchored in mothering, holistic growth through the expansion of Feminine consciousness, sought after for womb expansion and fertility of our lives.

Sarah Butcher – AKA Sub in the City, is a BDSM Coach, Kink Educator, Therapist and proudly collared submissive, with over a decade of experience on the BDSM Scene. Sarah is on a mission to bring BDSM into the 21st Century and empower curious kinksters to consciously explore what BDSM means to them. Sarah does this through online and in-person workshops, events and retreats, as well as individual and couples coaching, to help you create the sex life you deserve.

Sarah-Jane Perman is an international facilitator of feminine embodiment and temple arts. Known for her authenticity and warmth she passionately serves women in the space of sensuality, re-wilding the body, womb and pelvic awakening and reconnection to deep feminine power. She created Wild Feminine Mystery School and Wild Feminine Awakening Retreats and is well known for her initiatory journeys on the land in Egypt and at other sacred sites. The “mother current” is the transmission she shares as the honey balm to sooth and nourish , restoring the template of innate vitality and abundance that is our natural blueprint so that we all may live life in full bloom. 

Saraswati SOUL is a Singer/Songwriter and Voice Medicine Facilitator. She fuses tribal medicine voice into Soulful music - her message is strong - it’s a wild, feminine call from the Earth. Her music offers a powerful and emotional voice for the people. Every performance is a unique journey, full of devotion, intention, inspiration and Soul-guided transformation for everyone involved. In her Voice Medicine Circles she teaches you how to reclaim your ancestral voice. Her workshops are a journey through embodied, Somatic Sounding. You will be guided on your own personal exploration through breath, movement, voicework and play. A transformative process to reconnect to your intuitive earth voice and bring it back home to the collective.

Shifu Waters began his journey into martial arts & esoteric energy 25 years ago. His quest for further knowledge led him to China where he studied Shaolin Kung Fu and advanced styles of Tai Chi Plum Blossom and Praying Mantis Fist under 33rd Generation Shaolin Monk Shifu Shao MingLin. In 2012 Shifu Waters launched Five Elements Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, delivering both the physical and moral teachings of the Shaolin Temple and traditional Martial Arts.

Sian Soul is a visionary leader and spiritual luminary devoted to self-love and wellness. As a sound alchemist and divine feminine guide, she activates heart chakras through transformative movement and feminine liberation. Sian holds sacred space for women and mothers, offering nurturing support and healing. She also works with the divine masculine, fostering balance and unity. Through ancestral chord cutting, movement and chanting. Sian helps release generational traumas, guiding individuals toward spiritual awakening and empowerment.

Simran is a multidimensional artist and seer who deeply feels and resonates with the expression of truth. Her work is a tapestry woven together from the diverse wealth she has cultivated throughout her years of exploring various crafts and training in different practises. These roles include working as a Shamanic practitioner and healer, as well as her facilitation of spaces for young people at The National Youth Theatre and many other establishments. Additionally, her experience as a professional performer adds strings to this mosaic-al bow. Simran honours her body as a vessel for healing and shares in ancient remembrance that no good thing shall be withheld, reminding us of the light that lives in each one of us upon this New Earth.

Sophie is a mother, yoga teacher and circle facilitator who holds spaces inspired by nature, especially the seasons and lunar cycles. She calls upon the support of crystals, essential oils, journaling and sound healing to enhance your experience.

Sophie practice an embodied, systemic approach to Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Practice and Transformative Justice. She support individuals, groups, communities and organisations to engage with the vital information that emerges through relationship, integrate the essential feedback that is revealed and restore compassionate connection with life. She is works with charity OpenEdge and The Restorative Engagement Forum speaking, facilitating, coaching and consulting individuals and organisations leading for change and brings experiences from wide and wild experiments in living, being in community, collaborating and organising.

Sophie is a long-term psychotherapist, meditation teacher, musician, founder of Heart of the Rose festival and curator of the Rose Temple at Medicine. Her main work is helping all to Awaken to their true multi-dimensional nature and infinite Self beyond the conditioned ‘mind’, and to bring this unconditional Love ‘down’ into every layer of their humanity - so all can be healed and uplifted back to it's original divine blueprint. She teaches retreats, workshops and event's online and in-person and see clients around the world. She is also in the process of building a Retreat Centre and Mystery School and is also supporting the seeding of a men’s festival called the Brotherhood of the Rose.

After training and working originally as an Environmental Educator and Park Ranger, Stefan re-trained as a Psychotherapist and Outdoor Activity Instructor following a period of depression. Stefan was a founding pioneer of Ecotherapy in the UK in the early nineties, culminating in setting up the highly acclaimed Ecotherapy Project with Plymouth NHS. He has been lecturing on the benefits of Nature for recovery from mental illness in the Clinical Psychology department at the University of Plymouth

Dr. Suzanne Faith, PhD in Psychology,, is an longstanding renowned meditation and hatha yoga teacher, mentor, counsellor, and therapist for adults, children and families. Specializing in CBT and Somatics, she offers therapy, family counselling, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings. With over three decades of experience, Suzanne blends ancient wisdom with modern modalities, and has worked in schools, medical systems, universities and wellness clinics.

Tanishka is an author of 6 books, including Goddess Wisdom, translated into multiple languages and The Grail rated 5 stars on Amazon which provides groundbreaking insights into the male cycle and how it impacts men’s psyche, relationships and life stages. A former stand-up comedienne, she has captivated audiences around the world decoding ancient mysteries and is renowned as a leader in the global Red Tent movement, having trained women in 44 countries to facilitate women’s circles. She has facilitated men's circles in 10 countries and developed a range of unique online programs to initiate men. Aug 2-10 she will premiere YANTRA, a psychedelic rock opera at the EdFringe Festival. She is best known as The Moon Woman with 460K followers.

Tanya is a global teacher, coach and writer, her work focuses on healing our sexual belief systems and the importance of self love in all its forms. Her teachings are warm, potent and relatable. She is an impactful storyteller with two decades of expertise in conveying difficult philosophical concepts simply. A grounded and expansive experience awaits each time she shares. Tanya’s Sexual Evolution classes are as powerful as they are heart opening, always bringing guests home to themselves.

I am a dancer, choreographer, yoga instructor and Continuum movement teacher born in Belarus and based in Brussels, initially trained as an Indian classical dancer in Bharatanatyam dance and theatre from Kalakshetra , Chennai. Throughout my artistic journey I specialized in ancestral and traditional dance and theatre, such as Indian classical forms as well as Afro-Caribbean ones. I am deeply engaged with Santería tradition and orisha worship being an an initiated practitioner.

Founded by Elian Kidd and Seren Rose. The Rose collective have been leading devotional song gatherings around UK for the last 6 years. Sharing a wide array of love songs to the divine, including many of their own original heart songs. Elian and Seren both share specifically a deep calling to connect and pay homage the divine feminine through ecstatic song and ceremony, understanding its place and importance in their own lives and the collective. The Rose Collective this year will guide us through a ceremony of group song and devotion to the Divine Mother in her many forms, inviting you in to a space of worship and surrender.

The Unmasked Man is a global movement of brothers actively discovering what it is to be a man and how to connect from an open undefended heart. We believe the world is waking up to the need for a more harmonious state of masculinity; one that is stronger by being authentic, vulnerable and open to emotion. ​ What are we doing about it.. We create courageous spaces for men to be real. These are opportunities for men to open up and express their full emotions. Every aspect of you is welcome here.

Tim is a renowned Australian, and internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, ceremonialist, trauma-informed facilitator, and the visionary behind SPIRITUS Breathwork + Somatic Healing. He guides transformative journeys through breath, sound, and movement and empowering individuals to access innate wisdom, unleash inner power and receive healing through accessing altered states of consciousness. Through his ceremonies, Tim leads you towards liberation, freedom, and deep soul connection.

Uma met yoga in 1969, at the age of four, and fell in love. She’s been practicing ever since, and teaching yoga since 1994. A yoga therapist with special expertise in yoga therapy for women’s health, Uma is a mother of three, and has written four books on yoga for women, including the massive Yoni Shakti and two books on Yoga Nidra, including Yoga Nidra Made Easy. Uma is co-founder of the Yoga Nidra Network and has developed Total Yoga Nidra, Wild Nidra and Nidra Shakti: radical creative and intuitive approaches to sharing yoga nidra.

Vaishnavi is a singer of the sacred and an attuned nervous-system whisperer. Escaping a career in film production and navigating decades of burnout and illness, she has facilitated transformational work since 2001. Highlights include co-creating online somatic empowerment adventure: ReSource; assisting on the the Field Facilitator Training and holding space for profound transformation through 6-month container Deep Work. Although she is blessed to live a fairytale woodland existence off-grid, she firmly believes that “Paradise is an inside job”.

Victoria has been working with children for many years, facilitating workshops in schools, home ed groups and holiday camps. Her own children are an integral part of the experience and assist in bringing the fun and energy to the space! The emphasis is on self expression and creating an environment where children can reconnect and rewild. Victoria has a lovely way of connecting with young people and her workshops are fun, engaging and creative. Victoria also works as a one-to-one practioner for children with additional needs.

Endlessly curious about exploring both inner and outer landscapes, Marie loves sharing somatic and energetic explorations through yoga, dance and sound. Always learning how to move more harmoniously with the ebb and flow of life, she is passionate about guiding others home to the wisdom of their body and draws upon many threads to do so. Currently based in the UK, Marie offers retreats and online containers exploring connection with self and beyond.

Yogarox is a holistic wellness brand founded by Charlotte, a passionate yogi, sound healer, and crystal enthusiast. Her mission is to empower individuals to connect with their inner wisdom through yoga, sound healing, and crystal therapy. She believes in the transformative power of these ancient practices to bring balance, harmony, and healing to the mind, body, and spirit. At the festival, Charlotte invites you to experience a transformative one to one crystal healing treatment. Come and find your bliss with Yogarox – where ancient wisdom meets modern wellbeing.

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