MF24 Guardian Application -


Thank you for guiding yourself here...We are grateful for whatever path you have taken to land you in a place where you feel called to be a part of Medicine and to offer your time and energy to making it a reality. Guardians (volunteers) are the lifeblood of the event, and we could not do it without you.

This application is for all guardians except for those interested in working with our in-house food and beverage operations (please apply on the F&B Guardian form if this is what you are interested in). All guardians working in the build and break periods (outside of the live festival days 15-19th August) are required to work four x 10 hour days, those working over the live festival days are required to work three x 6 hour shifts. 

All Guardians are required to pay a deposit of £300 by the 17th June, which you will get back (provided you completed your scheduled shifts) within 15 working days after the festival. You will also need to provide your own high visibility jacket.   

*Please note we have a huge number of applications every year and are only able to offer a limited number of places so please be detailed in your response so we can get as best an idea as possible of who you are*

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For volunteering with our catering teams who run the bars and cafes on site please complete the Food & Beverage Guardian application.
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The personal data supplied as part of this submission will be stored and processed by Medicine Events C.I.C. in order to review and process your application. The personal data you supply will never be sold to any third parties but may be shared with contractors providing services to the event.